Unofficial FreeBSD pkgbase repository

Welcome to, the unofficial repository for the FreeBSD PkgBase project.

The package sets below are built with poudriere(8).

Add a configuration file for the PkgBase repo:


This base.conf example is for the 13.1 release branch (note the URL):

# FreeBSD pkgbase repo

FreeBSD-base: {
  url: "${ABI}/latest",
  signature_type: "pubkey",
  pubkey: "/usr/share/keys/pkg/trusted/",
  enabled: yes

– if you prefer, specify the stable or current branch.

Then put in place a copy of our public key:

~ $ sudo fetch --output=/usr/share/keys/pkg/trusted/ \

Package Sets





How To

While the PkgBase Wiki provides some info on how to get started, I would like to distill it, so check out my Howto

Pending Changes

Rather than doing any awful hacks myself, I like to push changes upstream. This also feels more in spirit with the Call-for-Testing.