Unofficial FreeBSD pkgbase repository

Welcome to, the unofficial repository for the FreeBSD PkgBase project.

The sets below are built via poudriere(8), and can be configured by adding the following config to /usr/local/etc/pkg/base.conf:

# FreeBSD pkgbase repo

FreeBSD-base: {
  url: "${ABI}/latest",
  signature_type: "pubkey",
  pubkey: "/usr/share/keys/pkg/trusted/",
  enabled: yes

Replace release in the above URL with your desired branch. Either release, stable, or current.

Then put our key into /usr/share/keys/pkg/trusted/.

Package Sets:




How To

While the PkgBase Wiki provides some info on how to get started, I would like to distill it, so check out my Howto

Pending Changes

Rather than doing any awful hacks myself, I like to push changes upstream. This also feels more in spirit with the Call-for-Testing.




This service is provided by Mina Galić.

You can reach her on numerous FreeBSD IRC channels as meena (or meeena), or on the Fediverse as